Points-Based Incentive Programs

IMPACT International Marketing points-based incentive solutions outperform other reward programs by effectively motivate a wide variety of participants by adapting quickly to changing company needs, program objectives, and audiences, while at the same time providing data-centric measurability.

Our well designed and managed point-based solution will deliver broad (and sustained) appeal to participants while offering highly flexible program structure and data-driven performance measurement.

We designed an incentive system featuring integrated tracking and reporting tools that give you ready access to program data, which can track business activity being stimulated by the program and program ROI analysis. Conducting segmentation analysis on the participant base can also yield valuable insight into your customer behavior and value, as well as providing the fundamental information needed to execute targeted marketing campaigns and communications.

Redemption Programs allow you to offer great travel and merchandise incentives to your customers at a savings of 50-80% off of the actual cost of the incentive gift. Proven ways to motivate customers to show up on time, build floor traffic, make purchases, or take a survey.

By using a redemption program, gift card or premiums products cost less than the actual item because many customers fail to redeem their reward. This allows you to either spend less or offer a much higher value gift. Our experience shows us that those who redeem the reward value the promotion the most. This means that your promotion dollars self target to the right customers.

All you need to do is present the offer to your customers through direct mail or email, online or off line advertising, or in-store displays ... purchase online PINS or certificates from us and give them to your customers when they make a purchase.

We do everything else: Provide the technology for reward validation, product fulfillment, and customer service. It's never been more simple and at a price you can afford!

IMPACT's Online Shopping MarketPlace relies on cutting edge technology that monitors customer behavior from thousands of retailers and uses the data it gathers to help merchants tailor their product offerings by giving employees and participants discounts on the items they are interested in. Now finally there is a discount affinity shopping program participants really want to be part of.

With hundreds of merchant-funded discounts and special benefits each day from a network of thousands of merchants across the U.S., Impact's MarketPlace provides discount offers and/or free shipping from a network of thousands of participating merchants across a wide range of categories including apparel, jewelry, electronics and children's clothing. Our client's members or employees can access the program directly, where they can preview offers, join at no cost, and set preferences for the types of merchant offers they want to receive. They can also choose to receive email notifications for offers from specific merchants as well as exclusive in-store shopping events at preferred merchants. A key selling point of the MarketPlace is that it draws on buying patterns across thousands of retailers, giving it a huge sample size of consumers to analyze.

Building Engaging Interfaces

Our clients enjoy rich user interfaces – engaging and sticky experiences that sustain the needs of valuable users. We make our software talk to your software in a more productive, simple, and understandable way.

IMPACT understands that user interface design is different than graphic design. More than just agency art for re-skinning outdated software, it is purpose-driven and facilitates a balance between sexy and functional. Good user interface design will help your users enjoy the marketing promotions and programs you are connecting them to. When this is done with the right approach and with an expert team, incredible user interface design helps sell your brand.




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