In a competitive marketplace, every decision counts. IMPACT Consumer Sales Incentives and Promotions give your customers the choice to select you over the competitor.

When your customer receives an unexpected special offering, it creates a unique opportunity for you to build a lasting relationship, giving them a reason to choose your brand and products over your competitor while at the same time motivating them to increase the value of their purchase.

IMPACT International Marketing Group's broad range of consumer marketing and loyalty reward solutions give diverse groups of individuals the choices they need to stay engaged.

With IMPACT's expertise in consumer promotions along with the depth and breadth of our partnerships, we will help you create well conceived, strategically focused consumer loyalty rewards programs that drive sales and expand your brand. Whether you're looking to promote a new product, increase your customer base, encourage new product trial, or engage existing customers to help evangelize your brand and products, trust IMPACT Incentives and consumer promotions to accomplish your goals.

There are so many ways for brands to connect with new and existing customers. Some may bond with a consumer's love for classic rock music, or collaborate with the latest summer blockbuster to get noticed. IMPACT starts with identifying a brands with synergy and pairs them with go-to market concepts like these. And we do it where it makes the most sense, whether that's online or off on the air, in person, in digital or social media.

Experiential marketing gives consumers the opportunity to experience your brand's promise firsthand-to taste it, touch it, feel it, or hear it-then act on their experience immediately. We take pride in creating brand experiences that are engaging, unique, memorable, natural-and even delicious.

IMPACT creates customized marketing programs that bring brands face-to-face with consumers. Our interactive marketing platforms allow for IMPACT help shape our customers brand experience like no other marketing medium.

A well executed Trade promotion is a key activity for all Trade marketing plans. Who doesn't want to increase short-term sales by effectively decreasing the cost-per-item to the end Trade.

Start by measuring the incremental increases in sales volume relative to the costs of your trade promotion campaign, and identify which trade campaigns provide the most return on investment and optimize their trade plan by investing in the most effective trade channels and promotions.

Are You Using Trade Promotions?

  • In-Store Displays : Point-of-Purchase (POP), Floor Stickers, Feature Display, Carton Display, Special Racks, Banners, Signs, Mechanical Product Dispensers, Demonstrations, etc.
  • Temporary Price Reduction (TPR) : Cents off, Price pack, Bonus pack, Branded pack.
  • Coupons : Grant savings on specified products.
  • Contests: Generates a high degree of customer involvement and website traffic.
  • Sweepstakes: Participants must submit names to be entered in a draw. Can use multiple mediums. (i.e. POP display and website)
  • Refunds and Rebates: The offer to return a certain amount of money to the customer.
  • Premiums: A tangible reward for performing a particular act. (i.e. receive a free bar of soap with purchase of body wash)
  • Sampling: Allowing the customer to experience the product or service by providing free samples.

As manufacturers and retailers are becoming increasingly interdependent – a well executed trade promotion is a key collaboration touch point. Closing the loop on your next Trade promotion can significantly increase ROI by providing valuable insight to you into the key drivers of sales volumes and trade promotion costs.




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