Send Me on Vacation

January, 2015 – Lake Havasu City, AZ – IMPACT International Marketing Inc. is a well-known sponsor in the Send Me on Vacation community and continues to give to those in need. Send Me on Vacation is a program that sends women who have breast cancer/cancer on a trip of their dreams.

“There are many women that we have encountered in our lives who had been diagnosed with breast cancer,” says Kathryn Felke, IMPACT’s CEO. “We offer our support to these women with the hope of brightening their week or even just a day,” states Shawnah Sheehy, VP of IMPACT. Send Me on Vacation is a wonderful program that gives a glimmer of hope in these women’s lives who have been diagnosed with cancer to just forget about the stresses in their lives and be able to go on vacation with their families. We have a close friend who is now considered cancer free, had a double mastectomy. We could never truly understand what it was like for her, but we felt her pain and were there for support. That is why we love this program; all it takes is hope and support. Maureen Keelen, widowed and mother of two teenage boys, is 2014’s winner for a vacation sponsored by IMPACT. We were personally touched by her story. She was initially diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2010. After her treatment and bilateral mastectomy she then went on to be without cancer and to live a healthy life, until September 2012. After having pain in her spine and thinking it was a pulled muscle in her back, her doctor sent her to receive an ultrasound. The results were not good. She was diagnosed with Bone Mets on September 2012. After doing 11 radiation treatments for the tumor on her spine, the doctors then discovered cancer in her ribs, sacrum, hips, femur, and neck base of the skull. “It’s women like this that shows how hard a woman can fight for her family,” states Sheehy. “We cannot think of anyone more deserving of this vacation than Ms. Keelen.” Sheehy further states. “IMPACT will continue to sponsor the Send Me on Vacation program to bring joy, hope, and support to not only these women, but their families,” CEO Kathryn Felke states.

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